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slash_icons's Journal

Slash Icons
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Tired of going back and back and back in icon communities to find your favoirte slashy pair?

Well look no more! Slash Icons gives you the parings you want when you want it.

Here are the rules:

SLASH ICONS ONLY PLEASE. If you have other icons that don't depict slash couples, great! But this isn't the place for it. Please post only relevent icons in this community.

Tell what pairs you've created and what show or movie they're from, or if they're just from your warped lil mind.

No more than three icons in the open. Anymore and you need to use the lj cut tag.

Follow the rules of the creator. If he says ask, then you ask. If she says take, then just take.

If you want to make a request, it has to be in a lj cut with the title subeject title "request for XXX" where x is whatever your requesting. You can put all the details/links/images in the cut.

Remember Boy/Boy Girl/Girl. So no Angel/Buffy, Willow/Xander, Frodo/That weird Elf chick, Lana/Clark, and other parings.

Edit: We also accept singles that imply slash such as this:

created by ladyvyola

Yep. That's it. Hope people actually join this thing.

And the "Slash Happens" official community icon? Mine. My name is ajrbasketcase and I'll be your moderator